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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Miss Muffet...

she is my pretty girl.
she has a cool, quirky little giggle that lights up a room.
she dresses up to dress down and she leaves high heels strewn from room to room. she can mix and match it like she lives in a magazine.
her best friends are handbags, shoes and lipstick.
she loves cats especially hers and dogs and she loves taking photos, oh
and talking on the phone.
she dances to her own tune and her spirit will not be tamed.
she is brave
and funny
and never, never, never gives up.
she will grow up and know the world is hers for the taking.
she is sweet and mischief all rolled into one.
she is amazing.
we love her all the way to the moon.
happy birthday sweet pea.

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