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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A rather tall little girl

Once upon a time there lived a rather tall little girl.
she had teeth to grow into and hair that needed taming.
she loved to draw and draw
and paint and colour. she liked reading too
but drawing, that was her most fun thing to do.
Years past and she grew into her teeth
and found rockin' product for that unruly hair but
best, best of all she got to draw and paint and colour everyday.
she filled sketch pads and books and journals.
she drew on walls (in her own house of course) and painted.
life was a rainbow of colour painted by
she laughed out loud.
Her life was good and fun.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kick Butt Tinkerbell

on a day like today she smiled.
she liked to live inspired.
little things would inspire her- a golden book, a denim pocket,
a dream she had last night.
she dreamed she was Tinker Bell,
not just average Tinker Bell,
kick butt Tinker Bell in denim jeans.
she dreamed she could catch a star in the palm of her hand.
she imagined a bright, bold new world
and she was about to step into it.
the moment is now.
the time is right.
the sun kissed her in the morning and stayed all day.
then, then she lept onto the worlds stage.
an amazing life lay infront of her.
she started living it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

well hoo har... just amazed myself and linked my new ad to my new blog- how cool.

this little blog may become her little world....

she liked to pop on her red shoes. they made her smile,
her tiny fake heart tat made her smile too.
her feet had a life of their own with those red shoes on,
they bopped and bopped.
she danced to her own tune.
she danced like there was no tomorrow.
she giggled and remembered those songs that shaped her life.
music, dance, music, words. she smiled.
she felt so lucky.
life was good.