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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art Bazaar... Will you be there?

Coco's Closet is very excited to be a stall holder at the Art Bazaar inCivic Park, Newcastle this December 4 from 9am til 3pm. I think it's going to be ACE!! You should really come if you're around and get some homemade goodness for Christmas.

I can't believe Coco's Closet AKA my happy place is over 12 months old. 14 months to be exact. It's lovely to be bricks and mortar, and well the space, it is kinda like coming home, I've come full circle. Almost 10 years ago the space that houses Coco's Closet was Rourke and Henry, a boy and his bear, my first fledgling store with my mum named after my son and his trusty bear. It's interesting now to have some of the same customers that we had then, almost like extended family. Rourke was six months old when we opened here in shop 1/64 Wharf St, was home to all things funky, stylish and groovy...... we grew and moved on, developed new ranges, ideas and the space has had a few occupants in the last few years but just over 14 months ago when it was empty and Miss Muffet was getting ready to jump into big school I decided it was time to return home to my favourite little space. The signature red door of Rourke and Henry had remained the same.... so Mackenzie and I took to the space...paint brushes in hand - pink of course, hot pink, white and still the red door and transformed the old, into our new love. Coco's Closet..... indie crafts and recycled wares, handmade gifts and beautiful, interesting and loved.

It's a funny little place to live... plus we have lollies and we love lollies.....we love to chat too, so feel free to pop your head in, we love chatting oh and colouring , thats my bestest thing to do.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Miss Muffet...

she is my pretty girl.
she has a cool, quirky little giggle that lights up a room.
she dresses up to dress down and she leaves high heels strewn from room to room. she can mix and match it like she lives in a magazine.
her best friends are handbags, shoes and lipstick.
she loves cats especially hers and dogs and she loves taking photos, oh
and talking on the phone.
she dances to her own tune and her spirit will not be tamed.
she is brave
and funny
and never, never, never gives up.
she will grow up and know the world is hers for the taking.
she is sweet and mischief all rolled into one.
she is amazing.
we love her all the way to the moon.
happy birthday sweet pea.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mr. Magoo...

he loves life on the flipside. It's a cool place to hang. It's bright and sunny and full of giggles.

chocolate is on the flipside. He quite likes chocolate.

adventure is on the flipside, he loves adventure, anywhere, anytime, anyhow.(even in his own backyard)

the force is strong with him on the flipside.

He will grow up knowing he will change the world. Greatness is in him. Greatness will be him.

He 'carpes the diem' today. tomorrow. always.

His destiny is written in the stars..... he will travel the world and inspire those he meets.

He will move mountains and tame oceans.

He loves life. Life is good.

Oh, and a kiss and a cuddle he likes those too!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miss Nine....

for her it's never too late or too early.
she thinks sleep is for the weak.
she is a clever little cookie and can colour up a storm.
sometimes she's quite crafty but she still likes to ride her skateboard, she is really good too.
she has an amazing strong will and
never gives in. she will grow up
believing she can conquer the world.
she sometimes daydreams and transports herself to her own little world of
puppies and mermaids and music.
she dances wildly and
will forever.
sometimes she cracks herself up
and that,
makes everyone else giggle too.
she is a good girl.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


she likes to read Harry Potter.
she thinks he is clever.
she believes in magic.
she knows she will grow up
and make a difference in the
she giggles.
she loves rainbows and smarties.
she likes cats and
she likes dogs too.
In fact she likes goldfish, birds, snails
and elephants.
Oh and whales she loves whales.
she is happy when she gets great big hugs off
her mum.
that's the best!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a boy on his way....

he has this street smart spirit that never gives in
he didn't learn it at school and he didn't get it from a book
it was born in him
he is the type of boy that believes he can be anything he wants to be

he loves surfing in the sunshine
he eats big waves for breakfast
when he grows up he will jump oceans
and move mountains
he will make his life the best,
he will take his life wherever it can go
he is the King of his world
Greatness will be him.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Her watermelon bag...

Her heart told her to go shopping. Yes. She would and in one hand she would take that lovely little watermelon bag, the one her mumma had given her. It would fit her little phone and purse and hanky- just in case. Her mumma was a funny lady for she had no idea what the just in case hanky was for, but she took it everywhere- just in case. The other hand held freedom- the freedom to go from store to store browsing and buying if the need arose. The freedom to wave to people passing by but most importantly the freedom to hold her helps her focus on the task at hand which of course like every other day is buying bits of love for those she loved. What a perfect day!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Snaps....

she liked to take photographs,
they captured fun times
and moments to remember
often she would sit and ponder
those moments
and things and people
that fade in and out of her world
some people stay for long moments
others not so.....
but still they all leave
an impression-
she giggles when she thinks of moments
long ago,
fun moments, kid moments,
silly ridiculous moments.
all captured in pictures....
.....they transport her to that carefree time.
she smiled and snapped another one.